I'm the creator of Snaplive, and also run
I'm co-founder and CTO at Hoobla.

Companies & startups

1. is a website and blog hosting service based on open source website editor Snaplive.

We also offer standalone hosting solutions and consulting services.

Coming soon

2. Hoobla

Hoobla is a web-based service that allows businesses to collect and retrieve feedback (in the form of reviews and surveys) on their own or on third-party products.

Private beta


1. Snaplive

An open source website editor to create great-looking websites, blogs and more. Currently under development, working towards a public beta.

Follow its development on the blog or by connecting on Twitter: @snaplive.

January 2013-present

2. Sashimi

Sashimi is an ORM-like CRUD/prototyping tool for PHP.

It can save and retrieve objects and (optionally) create database tables and columns on the fly.

Its focus is simplicity, and it currently has just a handful of methods.

September 2010-present

3. Cimosa

Developed at Steptwo with Riccardo Fiore, Cimosa is probably the simplest website editor in the world.

It's a cheap (€ 99) basic website editor aimed at low-budget projects, or for those who need a simple and easy to use solution to edit their site.

June 2011-present