About me


I was born in Florence, Italy on July 30th, 1981.

I haven't done anything interesting until I was 18, then moved to the States, where I eventually started studying business administration.

My girlfriend at the time fiancé wife ex-wife had school starting before me, so I'd be home by myself for the most part of the day, in this house that was pretty much empty besides an old Apple laptop. One day I somehow hit ctrl+u (or equivalent) and viewed the source code of some website—I guess it was 2003. That's when I started having an interest in programming. I spent countless nights trying to learn as much as I could about HTML/CSS, Javascript, and eventually PHP, databases, and even some Linux and system administration.

I got a tax ID in July 2004, and I've been doing web consulting as a frelancer since then, building websites and web applications for Italian and international companies.